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Waste Management

We perform full service management of waste, including collection, transportation and disposal of solid and liquid waste, non-hazardous and hazardous, generated by industries, ships, oil rigs, construction, machine shops, car dealers, carriers posts fuel, and hospitals throughout any activity that requires solutions in waste management.

The Ilha Ambiental performs document control the entire process, generating the waste transport Manifesto, weighing Ticket, Certicados Collection and Final destination, and photographic reports from all stages of the service. We offer our customers a waste management plan and we have a fully trained team to structure more complex operations.

Tank Cleaning

We carry out the cleaning service tanks, silos, holds, engine room and pipes in boats and industrial plants.

Our team is itself made up of environmental engineer and safety, work safety Technicians, Supervisors operations and auxiliary operations of experienced and highly qualified for cleaning in confined spaces containing oily residue, drilling mud, cement, barite, resin , fuel, drinking water and all any hazardous or non-hazardous waste.

Our collaborators have training as NR33 (Health and safety at work in confined spaces) NR 35 (Working at height), Rescue in remote areas, Certificates and health checks as our program of environmental risk prevention and medical control of occupational health program in addition to training in our internal procedures Operations and QHSE (Quality, health, environment, safety).

We use personal protective equipment and collective, tools and own certified equipment and services in confined spaces, including gas measuring equipment, exhaust fans / blowers, anti-explosive lamps, air compressors, autonomous air assembly, distribution cabinets power transformers with 24 volts, anti-spark tools, rescue tripod, stretcher, first aid kit, pressure apparatus and other equipment necessary for the smooth running of activities.

We have suction pumps, pneumatic, DAGUA pumps, hydro-jets, vacuum type vehicles, dry cargo type vehicles and munck type to perform the collection, transportation and disposal of waste after housekeeping.

Upon completion of the service we issued reports Fotográticos, cleaning and decontamination certificates and documents related to waste management.

Vessel Cleaning

We carry out technical cleaning services, manual and mechanized vessel cleaning, manual and mechanized sweeping on highways, roads and cities.

Suction and hydro-blasting, using vacuum type vehicles and combined for cleaning and disinfecting water tanks and reservoirs of drinking water, cleaning and clearing of pipelines, safety nets, Industrial waste boxes, cesspools, septic tanks, treatment plants effluent and sewage, boilers, evaporators, heat exchangers and others.

We provide services in areas petrochemical, oil, steel, foodstuff, beverage plant, mining industry, shipbuilding industry, refrigerators, refineries, power plants, cement plants, pulp, dairy products, utilities, construction, dams, power plants, shipyards, automobile factory and local, state and federal agencies.

Ducts Cleaning

We perform housekeeping air ducts to prevent and solve efficiently the problems encountered in environments condicionados.Os air conditioning systems are conducive to the development of harmful microbiological agents to health and periodical cleaning of the ducts is essential for prevention diseases.
technical team we have properly trained and equipment and specific materials for each type of service. We serve the industrial, commercial , naval and services providing a personalized service according to the customer needs ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the service.

Environmental emergency

We carry out environmental emergencies for the most diverse areas of services for the oil industry , the maritime support activities and road transport from prevention of environmental crisis to post- emergency phase .
We have a highly trained and specialized multidisciplinary team to ensure prompt service according to the needs of each client. We own and provide all materials and equipment to perform from the preventive siege to the containment , cleaning, collection , disposal of waste and recovery of degraded areas to mitigate all environmental impacts caused by the emergency.

Environmental Consulting

We have a highly qualified staff to instruct him, composed of technical consultants with technical expertise in the development of environmental projects. Environmental services provided by us:

- Monitoring or renewal of environmental licenses (Municipal, State or Federal);
- Environmental Monitoring;
- Environmental Impact Assessment;
- Environmental Compensation;
- CAR Development (Rural Environmental Registry);
- Grant Application;
- Application and renewal CNDA;
- IBAMA Annual Report;
- Monitoring of environmental restrictions;
- Plan for solid waste management;
- Inventory Solid Waste CONAMA 313/02;
- Environmental Control Report;
- PCA - Environmental Control Plan;
- RCA- Environmental Control Report;
- Environmental Education;
- PRAD - Degraded Area Recovery Project;
- Water Resources Management;
- Environmental Risk Analysis;
- Environmental Audits;
- Environmental Impact Assessment;
- Study of Environmental Liabilities;
- Neighborhood Impact Study (EIV);
- Environmental Audits;
- Wastewater Treatment Plants;
- Hidrosanitário Project;
- Treatment Plants Project Domestic Sewage and Industrial;
- Drainage Projects;
- Water Supply Systems Projects;
- Funding of Projects and reuse rainwater;
- Among others.